Slightly Used Forklifts are Big Savings for Small Businesses

US Census statistics have shown positive growth in the retail e-commerce sector, an overall change of 10.8% from August of 2012 to 2013 ( This change reflects the machinery sector with additional upward growth of 15.3% year over year (

These reports have reflected in our online used forklift sales at Heavy Lift Sales. Although new forklifts are a viable option for most businesses, we feel that there a good reason to consider used forklifts.

Ahhhhhh………that new forklift smell. It’s almost slightly like a warm summer sunset at Coco Beach. If anything it should be made into a scented candle so that you can enjoy not only at work, but at home.

But that’s not really true is it?

There is no new forklift smell, and new or used they all pretty much smell the same. Like hard work and productivity which is what they are by nature, all about.

Thus since unlike a car, there is no new smell there really isn’t any justifiable reason to purchase a new one, and here are five reasons why you shouldn’t.

1) Depreciation: Forklifts depreciate every year, but the biggest slices of value come off in the first two to three years of its life. A two-year-old forklift that’s been well treated will still give you years of service for thousands less.

2) Choice: There is a used forklift out there for everyone While a new forklift will give you the option to choose the specifications that you want, there are so many pre-owned forklifts in our inventory that if you contact us, you will not only find the one you want, but also get way more machine for your money.

3) Maintenance: Now some people voice some concern regarding the cost of maintaining a pre-owned forklift. They prefer buying new forklifts which include service and maintenance plans. Remember that if you buy a pre-owned forklift with Heavy Lift Sales, who stands by their products and offer support, just like a new forklift.

4) Dependability: Forklifts are more reliable than ever. Let’s do some plain talking here. Forklifts are better now than they were a few decades ago. Because of advancements within the industry you don’t have to pay top dollar for a fully equipped forklift. One of these machines will be able to give you all that you need combined with a long lifespan.

5) The Internet Is Awesome: Because of the ability to show Heavy Lift Sales’ inventory online and their exceeding dedication to customer service you can spend far less time shopping around and with a few clicks, find the forklift you need. Heavy Lift Sales also has the benefit of financing options. This helps you to get into your forklift today and spread your payments out allowing you to manage your personal bank book, which a dealer of new forklifts may not be able to provide.

All and all you have to do what’s best for you and your bottom line. Mostly though when you look around at the options of a new forklift versus a used one, the only difference is the new forklift smell. Which doesn’t actually exist.

By contacting Heavy Lift Sales you can save money, get the forklift you want and then have enough left over for any smell you want.