Forklift Lease and Finance Options

When it comes time to purchase a forklift, you are faced with a few options. First off, you can buy the unit outright, which is pretty straightforward, as it takes a significant amount of capital to purchase the unit. Secondly, you can lease the used forklift. This gives you many options, such as flexible monthly payments, optional buy out amounts at the end of the lease. As well as saving valuable funds for other projects. The last method to utilize is purchase financing, which gives the buyer the ability to purchase the forklift over a period of time, instead of leasing (“borrowing”) the lift truck.

At Heavy Lift Sales, we offer all of these options for making your purchase easier. Our competitive financing rates will make the purchase of this unit more affordable in the long term and fast approval process easy to understand and complete without a lawyer.

What’s involved in the approval process? We have a one page form that is easy to fill out. Once completed you can send it over to our financing company to ensure complete privacy of all the information. Approval typically takes up to an hour for standard units. Larger forklifts of higher capacity tend to take longer due to the overall cost.

Financing is a great way of getting the quality unit you need, at a price that is manageable over monthly payments. This makes it easier to complete a project or job for a customer. Without having to own the unit after the fact.

We have been in business since 2003, and helped thousands of small, medium and large enterprise businesses with their material handling needs. If you are in need of a small capacity or even a heavy lifting used forklift, please give us a call to discuss your options. That would include forklifts that haven’t been posted on the site yet, but would have just arrived to our warehouse for inspection.

Section 179 Depreciation is Back!

Section 179 Depreciation is Back for 2015 and Beyond!

Companies that are looking to purchase new or used equipment are in for a treat prior to the end of 2015! Section 179 has been once again increased to $500,000 for 2015. Below is a chart to help understand how this can help save money. For your used forklift purchase, as long as it’s put into service prior to the end of 2015.

Currently we have a couple of VersaLift 4060 units available, which are not easy to come by. Considering the typical build time for a new one is about a year for delivery.

Section 179 Savings

Email our sales team – or use our Live Chat to discuss how your company can take advantage of huge savings on equipment purchases prior to the end of the year.

Buying a Used Forklift

What do you need to think of when you are buying a used forklift?

There are many things that are important to remember when it comes to purchasing a piece of used material handling equipment. The primary reasons for purchasing a forklift, are a new project, a previous piece of equipment has major repairs or is too old and needs to be replaced or even just a new facility.

In any case, it is helpful to determine a check list of sorts to understand what will help you in your search for the right used forklift.

To get started, you will need to find out some dimensions and if there are any restrictions in the environment you will be using the forklift. For instance, if there is a beam or door height that will restrict overall reach of the forklift, that would be important to note.

Every facility is different, as well as the outdoor conditions, which I will talk about later. The overall configuration of the racking and aisle widths will be an important consideration when putting your list together. Buying a used forklift isn’t difficult, knowing the basics helps make shopping much easier.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for your used forklift:

  • What capacity do you need?

    This will be very important, because you will need to know what you are lifting and the maximum height it will be raised to as well. A range is good, but you don’t want to have a range that is too big of a margin, better to have a larger capacity, so you have enough power to lift that item/product.

  • How high do you need to lift?

    There are two measurements to be aware of in this case, one, what is the maximum height you would be lifting up to? Two, what is the lowered height restriction (if any). This would be applicable to any door, ceiling, trailer height, container height, etc.

  • What power type do you need?

    When it comes to your indoor warehouse environment, there are important factors to consider. You cannot have a propane or diesel forklift in a food environment, or an electric unit in a chemical factory (unless modified to be explosion proof). There are 4 fuel types to choose from with a used forklift, those being liquid propane gas, diesel, electric and gasoline. All have their own individual advantages and uses. If you are unsure of what could work in your building, just ask our sales professionals.

  • What tire type would work for you?

    This comes down to where you will be using the forklift. If it’s primarily indoor use, and you do not need to drive it outside, cushion or non-marking cushion tires are the best choice. If you might be travelling outdoors and have uneven terrain, pneumatic tires would be a wiser choice. Alternatively, if you will always be traversing outdoors in a very uneven, perhaps rocky ground, a rough terrain forklift would be better for you.

  • How will you load your product?

    Not everything is lifted using forks on the front of a forklift. Paper rolls use a clamp attachment on the front to load and transport them. Every application is unique. Our sales professionals have many years experience in all industries to recommend the appropriate attachment in your use case.

  • How many hours a day will you be using the lift truck?

    Hours will determine the reliability of the forklift you would need to purchase. The higher the hours, the less likely that the forklift will last a whole shift. Whereas a lower hour unit wouldn’t break a sweat working thru an entire shift. It all comes down to cost effectiveness, saving on the overall cost of repair and maintenance up front.

Fresh Inventory – Used Forklifts In Stock

New Arrivals of Used Forklifts Available

2008 Kalmar DCE140-6 (30,000 lb Diesel)

Full Cab unit, with pneumatic tires, two stage mast (196″), equipped with side shift and fork positioner.

2005 Hyster S155XL-2 (15,500 lb Propane)
2005 Hyster S155XL-2

Good running Hyster unit with cushion tires, three stage mast, 4 way hosed to carriage, 7200 hours.

2011 Hyster H280HD (28,000 lb Diesel)
2011 Hyster H280HD

Great condition, heavy capacity unit. This forklift has a 161/183″ two stage mast, including side shift and a fork positioner. 8500 hours

We specialize in used forklifts of all shapes and sizes. If you are browsing for a unit that might fit similar or completely different specifications, give one of our sales professionals a call. We have over 45 years of experience in the Material Handling industry to provide quality options for your business. Heavy Lift is committed to making your job easier by proposing a suitable lift that meets your requirements. Give us a call to help (866-779-0825) or use our Live Chat at the bottom right of the page.

Used Yale Forklift – Recently Sold

Recently Sold – 2009 Used Yale Forklift ERC050

2009 Yale Used Forklift ERC050

Great condition used yale forklifts, ERC050, 2009 model year. These units have a 5,000 lb capacity and are equipped with an 88/200″ Three Stage Mast with side shift. These units contain a 36 Volt battery and are between 12 – 14,000 hours each. Also have lever controls, along with non-marking cushion tires.

We have a large selection of used Yale forklifts in our online inventory. If you are in need of a similar four wheel electric or alternative Yale model. Be sure to check there first. If you are unable to find the model that suits your requirements. Give one of our sales professionals a call to give you some options.  Alternatively, you can email us, or use our Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen to speak to a sales professional immediately.

Used Yale OSO30 Forklift – Recently Sold

2002 Yale OSO30 Forklift

Used Yale Order Picker

Good condition used Yale Order Picker (Model OSO30),  3,000 lb capacity, equipped with an 89/195″ Triple Stage Mast, 42″ forks. This unit has 6,644 hours. This electric powered forklift has a 24V battery in retail ready condition.

If you are in need of a Yale Order Picker or a different Yale Forklift, take a look at our online inventory. We have a wide range of forklifts available of various capacities and lift heights. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to give one of our sales professionals a call to provide you with some options. Our forklifts are maintained on strict maintenance schedules. Feel free to give us a call at 866-779-0825 or email us at

Recently Sold – Used Yale GLP090

2011 Used Yale GLP090 Forklift – Recently Sold

2011 Yale GLP090 Forklift

Great condition used 2011 Yale GLP090 forklift with a 9,000 lb capacity. Equipped with a 90/185″ three stage mast, including side shift and 48″ forks. The unit powered by Liquid Propane Gas and rides on Solid Pneumatic tires. This particular unit has 8602 Hours.

We have many other Used Yale Forklifts available in our online inventory. If this is similar to what you are looking for. Please feel free to look into some additional options. If you are unable to find something that works for you, give one of our sales professionals a call to help provide you with units that haven’t been posted to the site yet. We receive several units per week from auctions, off-lease and recently purchased from other dealers. Give us a call toll-free at 866-779-0825 or use our Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen to talk to one of our sales professionals.

2006 Crown Order Pickers SP3450H (3 Available)

Like New Crown Order Pickers SP3450H

2006 Crown SP3450H Order Picker 2006 Crown SP3450H Order Picker Crown Order Picker 3450H


We currently have 3 Like New Crown SP3450H Order Pickers, that look and operate as such with 300 – 400 hours. These are 3000lb capacity heavy duty order pickers with a mast height of 294″ and have 80% + Rental Batteries. If you are in need of some good quality used order pickers that are like new, give Mark a call @ 716-796-0148 or email to get more information.

We have a range of order pickers available, from Raymond to Crown. If this unit is not suitable for your application, be sure to check out our online inventory for more used order pickers. You can also chat with one of our sales professionals from the bottom right of the screen to inquire about any other units.



2013 Yale ERP035 – Three Wheel Electric (Low Hours)

Like new 2013 Yale three wheel electric used forklift for sale

Like New Yale ERP035 Electric Forklift
968 Key Hours, 880 Drive Hours
Three Wheel Electric Forklift Yale Used
Non-Marking Cushion Tires, 241″ Quad Mast

Low Hour Yale Electric Forklift

This like new Yale used forklift just came in yesterday and is located in North Florida. Equipped with a 241″ quad mast with non-marking cushion tires. It comes with an excellent battery and charger. A unit like this won’t last long, be sure to contact Mark to get more information @ 716-796-0148.

We have other used Yale forklifts available in our online inventory. If this one doesn’t meet your requirements, be sure to check there first. If you cannot find or need some options right away, give one of our sales professionals a call to discuss options that haven’t been listed to the site yet. Call us at 866-779-0825 or use our Live Chat at the bottom right of the screen to talk about what else we have available.


Mitsubishi FG40K Forklift Recently Quoted

2009 Mitsubishi FG40K Forklift

Used Mitsubishi Forklift

Great condition ’09 Mitsubishi FG40K forklift with only 6586 hours. This unit has a 4,000 lb capacity with a 89/131″ two stage mast. Equipped with side shift and pneumatic tires. This unit is powered with liquid propane gas.

This is one of our many great Mitsubishi used forklifts that we have in stock. We have others that are higher and lower capacities. If you are in need of a similar specification, please take a moment to check our inventory page. You can narrow down your options by capacity, tire type, power type, even manufacturer. If you want some quick answers, you can talk to one of our sales professionals thru Live Chat at the bottom right or email